Experience Scandinavia

There are so many runestones, petroglyphs, grave mounds and other ancient sites around my home. Let me take you on a journey between some of these sites that you dont want to miss.

Walk through deep mossy troll forests, where mushrooms gather in circles, ravens scouting above our heads and wolves are howling at night. I’ll show you the nicest lakes for a midnight swim under a bright northern sky, where there are no other people in sight. Or a boat trip to catch some fish on the historical river Ätran, the same river that vikings used for trades and transport.


I have put together three different options of day trips here, or you can also request a tailored one for you by your own preferences.


1. Ätran Day Trip - with Canoeing, Runestones, Grave mound, Cooking outdoors, Ending the day with Blot ceremony. 

2. Tanumshede Day Trip - Easy hike on the West coast to see the famous Rock carvings (Bronze Age Petroglyphs) near the Norweigan border. Cooking outdoors, Stone ship (iron age grave), Ending the day with Blot ceremony.

3. Fluxfallet Day trip - Easy hiking with Runestones, beech forest, waterfall, Cooking outdoors, Ending the day on a sacred Ancient Labyrinth with Blot ceremony.


The price for one day trip is  280 per person (if youre a group of minimum two people). 

In case you are only one person the price is € 450 for a day trip.

What’s included: 

• Me as your guide and personal driver the whole day.
• Pickup and drop off to/from nearby hostel/airport/central station. 
• Food of your preference. 

For clients that travel from a far distance there is a guest room available at the studio for € 50 / night.

Please contact me for more information.